Since 2001, DFS has provided our customers with easy online access to manage their commercial truck and trailer fleets.

At Desert Fleet-Serv, we understand it is a challenge to keep track of your vehicle maintenance history and any repair or DOT paperwork. With the varying day-to-day needs of your organization, managing a fleet of vehicles and fleet records can be tedious and time consuming. Storing fleet data (or any data for that matter) in paper format is a thing of the past. The most efficient and effective way to keep track of your fleet data is to have it stored centrally and easily accessible.

The answer is DFS’s Fleet Management tool.

Fleet management tracking software provides immediate access to your fleet maintenance records including:

      • Vehicle summaries
      • Repair history details
      • Timely updates for PM/DOT services with automatic email notifications.
      • Cost per mile calculations
      • Secure invoice access 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.

Convenient and reliable information is at your fingertips

You will save hours every month by not having to manually track DOT inspections, vehicle maintenance and balancing your recordsDesert Fleet-Serv’s management software is a convenient and worry-free way to ensure your truck service is being handled with professionalism and care.

Our industry leading electronic forms’ platform provides technicians with the ability to capture vehicle and repair information without the hassle of paperwork. DFS service and repair work orders are completed by a technician utilizing his electronic device. Paperwork requirements such as FHWA DOTs are completed as required. Electronic form applications eliminate having to decipher technicians’ handwritten recommendations and complete repairs. Efficiencies from this platform insure quick and accurate information. All aspects of our business enjoy this platform for expediency, accuracy and a better way to communicate with external and internal customers.

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