During the past 25 years Desert Fleet-Serv has evolved from a company that started with plans of servicing fleets (primarily 1 ton vans and delivery trucks) of local businesses during the weekends and daytimes… to a full service mobile “on-site” fleet maintenance company servicing commercial fleets of diesel trucks and trailers. As our business grew we quickly learned that listening to our customers was critical to any long term plans and the sustainability of Desert Fleet-Serv.

We listened to our customers when they asked us to provide an accessible website where all maintenance and safety records are easily obtained as well as the costs associated with maintaining their equipment. A significant addition to this website was the automated email for regular services and DOT’s coming due. New services and upgrades are made regularly to meet new requests.

Our hiring processes for certified diesel technicians is focused and aligned with the type of equipment we currently service and new equipment of new customers. Standardization of all repair recommendations and labor times have been added to our field service manuals and invoices. DFS service trucks are fully equipped and include customized parts based on businesses we service.

We listened when customers told us they could not “down” their trucks during the day. A second evening shift was added to meet these needs and now have equal capabilities and resources for servicing and repairing trucks during the day and evening. The speed with which we communicate to you after a service or repair is immediate and accommodates all modes of communication insuring that we keep you up to date and fully informed. We seek to eliminate any surprises.

Over the years there has been one consistent problem that customers (external and internal) wanted solved….how to eliminate the mounds of paperwork in the field and provide legible written summaries and recommendations from the field technicians. After significant research, beta testing and upgrading our field equipment, we have come up with a platform to help address these problems.

Our electronic service and repair forms will eliminate 75% of the field paperwork and the voice to text application eliminates most technicians’ handwriting of completed work. All required paper work such as FHWA Safety Inspections and corporate forms will be completed as required. As we continue to progress with technology, we expect to discover more efficiencies and will capitalize on these to increase our service delivery to existing and new businesses.

Our goal is to be the best place to work for in the Southwest. By hiring the best, we can focus on being the best on-site service business in the greater Phoenix, AZ area. Our philosophy of conducting business in a fair and honest manner and treating all customers, employees and vendors with respect has put us on the right path to achieving this goal.


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